inspiration photo#2

a sweet friday ce serait 
un café, via Cinnamon
ou un thé avec de belles chaussettes, via fen and ned
sans rien avoir à faire de précis, via Fen and Ned
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juste poser mon regard quelque part, comme sait le faire Brian Ferry

ou comme Suzy Chaney

Assez rêvé, go to work...
and happy friday !

5 commentaires:

  1. quelles belles inspirations - merci!!

  2. j'adore ces ambiances...
    bon week-end!

    PS: nina in situ chez moi ;-)

  3. so beautiful photos ♥
    happy weekend to you


  4. I just tried to email you, to apologise for only just seeing your lovely message, but after I sent you the email, I received one from 'emailer daemon'? saying that my email was undelivered. I feel awful that I only just got to read your message xx I hope you have a fantastic Christmas,
    Big hug to you!
    Sarah xx